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Jennifer Williams first came to work for me when I was doing consulting work for the Marussia Formula One Team.  As this client started to dominate my consultancy I needed someone to help organise what was becoming a very busy life.  I could not have found anyone better.


As I was travelling a lot and only spending a limited time in the office it was necessary to have an assistant that was very proactive.  Jen had come across as having the requisite abilities early on and didn’t disappoint.  She quickly not only learned the business but her outgoing personality enabled her to get to know all the employees on the team in a very short time frame.  This was invaluable to me as she was then able to give me the true feeling of the workforce in a sympathetic and confidential manner, something my frequent absences from the office made difficult for me to do alone.


In 2013 I let my consultancy go dormant in order to take up an offer to become Chief Technical Officer at the Williams Formula One Team ... when I asked Jen to join me at Williams. 


Once again she brought order to a busy world taking on responsibility not just for organising me but also helping my senior engineers.  Again, as we all travelled a lot, Jen’s stability and dependability at the office were paramount to us achieving the amazing success we enjoyed during that time.


Jen’s organisational ability and proactiveness was well illustrated when we organised a complex event with Unilever, one of our sponsors. Jen took the whole project under her wing resulting in the Unilever executive in charge sending me a letter commending her exceptional ability and stating that it was above and beyond anything he had ever come across in a similar role.  I can only echo those sentiments.


I not only wish Jen well in her new venture but I commend her entrepreneurship.  I know she will do well and I thoroughly recommend anyone reading this to avail themselves of her exceptional abilities.


Pat Symonds

Director Neutrino Dynamics Ltd

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