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Emma Brunsdon

Emma Brunsdon

After a long career in the world of Marketing, Emma started working as a Virtual Assistant in 2013 to make the most of her organising skills and commitment to creating calm to help busy people everywhere get the most out of their day. Emma is a friendly and professional VA who loves nothing more than helping her clients boost productivity and feel more in control.

She can take on those niggling jobs that just don’t get done when you’re busy. Event planning, diary and inbox management, credit control, and travel coordination; Emma does it all and has done so for over ten years as a VA! hing.

​The daughter of an ex-RAF pilot, Emma grew up in the wilds of Scotland, where she discovered a love of the beautiful countryside and the peace and calm it can provide.

Whatever the need to support your business and/or lifestyle, Emma has the skills and enthusiasm to help as part of the Exec Support Solutions team. 

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